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"I walked into a gym knowing I needed to get in shape, firm up and lose weight.  I knew no one there and had never been on an exercise program.  I had already decided I couldn't do this on my own, so I said I want to join the gym and get a personal trainer too (for guidance, direction and accountability to myself).  Karen happened to be the one I was talking to...made an appointment to come back in a couple of days for a baseline fitness evaluation and to discuss goals/plans.  Best thing I ever did and so glad it was Karen.... I have lost 26 lbs., stand at least an inch taller, feel stronger and younger and more confident all-around.  I still work out regularly and feel bad when I miss a work-out!  She has provided the guidance, direction and accountability that I was looking for!
....she's a personal trainer who truly works for you.  She has a caring attitude/demeanor and a has a unique sense of humor.  She's a people person and wants you to succeed in your goals. She'll talk to you in 'trainer-ese' if you want all the technical terminology behind the muscle groups and reasons for doing certain exercises.  Though not an official nutritionist, you can even get eating/nutrition tips as an added bonus.  She knows what she's doing!
She works with (or around) whatever condition or limitations you may have (i.e., a bad back, etc.) so that you reach your goal(s) by developing a unique plan just for you!  And she makes sure that you don't get hurt or aggravate anything in the process. There's always another way to accomplish what needs to be done.  She ensures proper form and pushes you for wanted results. Training routines get changed and rearranged so you don't get bored doing the same thing all the time.  She makes 'fitness'!!!
Thank you for your friendship and all your help to date!"
 Vyto Ribskis

“I love to hate Karen Von Lanken!!  Her workouts are tough but effective.  I felt stronger, healthier  and more fit just weeks. And although I hate to exercise I’m still working out and committed.  See?  Its almost fun to love to hating Karen Von Lanken.”

Senator Pamela Althoff

“Fewer things ever disappointed me when I had worked with Karen for a year, let myself go (no exercise, lots of overeating BAAAAD things) at Christmastime, and weighed my most ever. Karen saying, "I feel like I've done nothing for you," when in fact she had gone over the top to help me tremendously, made me re-focus and re-establish my fitness goals with her. On January 6 we set goals for me to lose 20 pounds and 2 inches off my waist by Memorial Day. By April 15 with her programs and training, I had already lost 25 pounds and 4 inches from my waist. I have kept it off for 5 months. When I stray too far from where I am now physically, I remember the look on her face and the tone of her voice from January. I also make sure to tell everyone that though I am ultimately responsible for how much better I look and feel, I owe a lot of credit and gratitude to Karen."

Chris Haaff

How can personal training help you?
With the help of your personal trainer you greatly improve your ability to accomplish your training goals faster, safer and with maximum benefits.  The details of these training sessions can be used for a lifetime
Karen Von Lanken
Certified Personal Trainer

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